The Fear Footage on Blu-Ray

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6 reviews for The Fear Footage on Blu-Ray

  1. michael lane (verified owner)

    As a fan of found footage movies I really liked this movie. If you liked the movie Ghost Stories then you’ll like this movie. The three stories are very good, the acting is not bad, I just loved the concept of this movie.

  2. Carlos Silva

    My god, what a rollercoaster of emotions! I just watched “The Fear Footage” and it kept me on edge till the end! I am a big fan of found footage genre and I can’t remember the last time I saw one movie that made me feel uneasy. Congratulations for all those involved in the creation of The Fear Footage
    The initial plot is intriguing, the anthology stories are very well done and creepy. The music (and the lack of it on the right moments) gave a very realistic ambience to the movie!
    It’s claustrophobic and creepy, and it will keep you on edge. Great light/shadow work; the house was scary as hell. A must-see for all horror movie fans!

  3. Jackie Pumphrey

    Awesome movies. Very well done and was one of the few movies to give me chills.

  4. Sindy

    I’m a fan of this subgenre and for a low budget movie, it met my expectations. A movie that keeps you tense, nervous, with unexpected scenes, indeed awakens my deepest fears. And the way the 3 films are intertwined, it definitely serves its purpose as scary.

  5. Matthew Witmer (verified owner)

    Excellent movie!!! Love this series! BUY THE MOVIE FROM HERE! It comes with some REALLY COOL surprises inside the package! Thank you! P.S. going to buy the other 3 right now ❤️

  6. Josh Hunter (verified owner)

    What an absolutely terrifying Found Footage film. I was unsettled throughout the whole movie. This is definitely one of the best in the Found Footage genre. I saw this film a few months back and I really wanted to get the physical edition. When it arrived I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. Excellent presentation.

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